The American Old Timers of the KOVŃCS brothers

Anyone who has stumbled upon this page may have had the same boyhood love affair with cars as we did. Even as kids we were only interested in the CAR, to drive it, to feel it's speed, and to get ahead. That is what was important.

Over the years we've learned that what mostly attracted us was the American STYLE, SHAPE and STORY. The era in which car- designers' and customers' dreams have met and became a reality. These cars were truly works of wonder to us, in the world of European automobiles.

Our goal became clear; that is to make these cars availabe to those who share our mutual attraction to the American style, strength and rich elegance.

In 2002, we imported our very first Old Timer from across the pond. The vehicle's chassis was so badly corroded, that it became obvious to us it wasn't going to pass the National Old Timer Inspections. So we have decided to fully restore the car. Seeing the great results, from friends and aquaintances we were asked to restore their vehicles as well. And that is how it all got started. Since then, we have gained many years of knowledge, experience and routine in the field of dealership and home delivery.

Why do we restore in Hungary?

Since our cars ship exclusively from the US, it is imperative for us to oversee the restoration process. To ensure quality workmanship and avoid unpleasent surprises on vehicles renewed elsewhere. These risk factors are present even if our colleagues inspect the classic cars, so with the more prized automobiles we take the time and effort to personally investigate the vehicle's condition.

Old and New at the same time!

Our main goal with all of our Old Timers, may it be a classic or a muscle-car, is to preserve or purchase original parts for the restoration. For this reason what we do is even more than just mere restoration it is also a complete renewal of the vehicle, that results in more durability and longer life-span of the car. This painstaking process includes a complete overhaul of the engine area, corsing of the undercarriage, refurbishing the interior, chrome-plating various parts and making the car-body soundproof and airtight. Rewelding loose body joints and unique suface painting are just a few of the many necessary steps with old vehicles with out-dated manufacturing techniques.

We always strive to save and preserve original parts as much as possible. This may seem like a lot of work, but it is the only way to minimize the use of refabricated parts.

Galvanizing and Paintjobs.

Our vehicles receive corrosion retardant and galvanizing treatment in our own workshop (METAL-UNION Kft.), which you can view for more information in the Partners menu. For best quality results in our renewal process, we also avoid using sintering and sand blasting as much as we can.

On our webpage you can see almost all there is to see of the performed work on all available and already sold Old Timer American Cars.


  • All vehicles puchased in Hungary are provided with FIVA quality and National Old Timer inspection documents.
  • Vehicles are available to be delivered to any part of the world.
  • If you decide to visit our dealership in Budapest, we will pay for your stay in a beautiful 4-star hotel.

Please don't hesitate to reach us with any questions or comments.
We reserve the right to change prices because we can do work on our cars in the meantime!

Hope to see you soon!

We wish you a pleasent journey!

Ńkos KovŠcs and Norbert KovŠcs

Dodge Ram 2500 Laramie Heavy Duty
Dodge Ram 2500 Laramie Heavy Duty

The car has been newly registered with 0km in Hungary, tested for 6 people. It was made for an individual order in sport design, which also means blasting the front and rear bumper and the cooling mask. It has all the extras you could ask for in the new age of the car: in addition to the Laremie equipment, which includes motorized adjustable heated velor embroidered seats, the Infinity sound system and a computer integrated into the roof trim. A DVD player monitor is factory installed on the front seat headrests, which I later replaced with a Sony brand so they can be used with game consoles.

The steering wheel controlled navigation head unit is also included as a factory extras, which works perfectly with the entire European map. There are a total of 4 monitors in the car: Two in the headrests, †one that can be fixed on the passenger side, and one that is both a rear view-rear view camera and a DVD monitor. The factory platform liner with the DODGE emblem was also available as an optional extra. It is made in Heavy Duty design, which means for example 7 cm of a factory made lift, and reinforced front-rear axle and differential. It also has a† differential lock which is electrically switchable in two stages. A LEER branded (that is the best quality manufacturer), colorblown platform cover body structure with tinted openable side windows could be also ordered to the car. The car is licensed to carry 6 people with a B license. The vehicle is in perfect technical and aesthetic condition. It has received a complete technical and aesthetic automatic transmission upgrade without compromise. At this point a hydraulic conversion kit and a pressure control valve were installed, which, like the steering gear, was released by the manufacturer as a modification to the car's transmission. This makes shifting up and down faster and more accurate. The car's transmission has also been completely refurbished at the same time as the gearbox in terms of both technical and aesthetic content.

On the 190 cm long platform 2 EUR standard pallet fits comfortably. The Cummins diesel engine is the world's most reliable diesel engine when maintained and serviced with factory parts and oil, so it goes 1 million kilometers without any problems. Series 6-cylinder 5.9L 24V 325LE and at 1600 rpm it has a torque of 830Nm. Officially, according to factory data, it can tow 8100 kg and carry 1600 kg, so it can move almost 10 tons. It has always been serviced with factory-made Cummins engine oil and original Chrysler (Mopar) filters, even now these are in the car which has just been changed. A few thousand kilometers ago he got over a complete technical renovation. Literally, all the worn parts have been replaced with factory Mopar parts. All ball heads, 4 dampers, all brake discs and brake pads, all blushes, dust cover rubber bells, steering linkage shock absorber, all cardan shafts, automatic transmission oil and filter, both differentials oil, half shafts have been pulled out, their ends have been surface treated, bearings and seals have been changed, etc.

I replaced the factory-installed lower-quality steering gear with a factory-fitted but redesigned and refurbished, reinforced steering gear that was issued by Chrysler in 2008 after many complaints about the original lower-quality steering gear.

At the same time, the steering linkage together with the ball heads has been replaced with a new design that fits the reinforced steering.
The front and rear axles, stub axles, brake calipers, front coil springs, rear leaf springs, towbar bracket, transfer case, all cardan shafts have been galvanized and polished after cleaning to pure metal.

The same is true for all chassis parts, the rear bumper, all screws and brackets.

For even more efficient cooling (which would only occur in extreme heat and towing conditions) an extra cooling fan is installed in front of the air conditioning radiator so that in these extreme cases the standard-quality cabin cooling is not lost. Along with this, the viscous clutch and full control, belt, water pump, and generator have been replaced of course with genuine Chrysler parts, the water cooler removed and cleaned.

1950 Pontiac Streamliner
1950 Pontiac Streamliner Eight Deluxe Sedan

Missurai Attila
06 20 956 1491

1969 Ford Mustang Convertible
1969 Ford Mustang Convertible 351 cui Windsor Frame-Off restoration!

This vintage Mustang has a rare 351 Windsor engine. For this model the driverís seat and steerin column is especially placed well in relation to the front wheelís position. This is most comfortable for the taller and averege height drivers. Its appearence and brutal exhaust sound is what makes this classic car unique. This is a truly rare automobile for there was only 299824 built in 1969. Recommended for collectors and investors.

Cadillac Eldorado 1974 Convertible
1974 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible

Cadillac ha always meant luxury and elegance. This is especially true for the Ď74 El Dorado. This classic car has it all in one harmonious editin. 30 years later this vintage a utomobile still amazes many auto lovers with itís beautiful exterior design and luxurious interior options. This old timer has features that are rare even by todayís standards. The 8200 cm2 sized engine with its 400 horsepowers is just as enjoyable driving experience today as it was 30 years ago.

1968 Pontiac Tempeset
1968 Pontiac Tempest 2 Door Coupe 400 cui
Frame - Off restoration!

This old timer is a real muscle car, with a GTO engine and transmission. Originally, it was made with a 4-speed manual transmission, a 6600 cm3 V8 enginewith green interior/exterior. The manual transmission was later replaced by a TH-400 Hurst automatic transmission, that is the standard for this vintage car. The body has been repainted a beautiful blue-purple toned color and green vinyl interior was replaced with Australian cowhide. The 3 year long repair work has been well documented on photos of which only a fraction can be seen here. The chassis frame has been reinforced and repaired to its original state. Practically every part of tha old timer is new, because a lot of the parts were missing or were unusable. The biggest challenge was finding a new door which is almost extinct for this model. This vintage car is as good as new with hundreds of new parts incuding rims and tires and itís a great investment for any classic car lover.

Upon your request We arrange the FIVA†internationalqualification of the†automobile.

1967 Chevrolet Impala SS 427 Convertible
1967 Chevrolet Impala SS 427 Convertiblee
One out of a 100 of the 1967 series
There are some who would argue that 1967 was the peak year for automotive performance during the muscle car era. Whether or not this is true, one thing is for certain; by 1967, high performance in a full-sized car was quickly becoming an outdated concept. Every manufacturer had lessened their restrictions on large engine displacements in smaller vehicles. The result was mega-horsepower engines finding their way into small, lightweight cars that could easily dispatch lesser competition. As a result, there were few buyers who found the idea of a large frame car packed with a high-performance engine as appealing anymore, nevertheless for those true full-size die-hards out there, Chevrolet came through for them with a new high performance package of options to supplement the standard Impala Super Sport -- the SS427. This new option was only available on the Impala Super Sport coupe and convertible models that were in their last year as separate models in the Impala lineup. The standard Impala Super Sport no longer carried the swagger it had enjoyed in years past, now featuring an increased emphasis on luxury and good looks instead of performance. The Impala SS models boasted nothing more than a trim package and the 1967 Impala SS could be had even with six-cylinder engines, that certainly didn't appeal to anyone who wanted the maximum "bang" for their buck. So, in an attempt to restore the sporty, performance image to the Impala Super Sport, Chevrolet introduced the SS427. Chevrolet's Regular Production Option (RPO) code for this newest Super Sport was Z-24 and it finally gave big Chevrolet enthusiasts a Super Sport to get excited about again. A 385 horsepower 427 cubic inch V-8 engine, special domed hood, heavy duty suspension with front stabilizer bar and "SS427" emblems in several locations certainly seemed able to satisfy the appetites of even the most demanding customers. This is a stunning example of one of the 2,124 factory original SS427s built, it also has the distinction of being one of the 100 or so SS427 automatic convertibles ever produced. This car has had a full restoration, and has only 59,080 ORIGINAL MILES. The car is fully optioned with factory options; TH400 Automatic, Tilt Wheel, Wood Wheel, Tach and gauges, AM-FM 8-Track Stereo, Power Seat, Power Steering, Comfortron Automatic Air Conditioning, Power Windows, Speed Minder and much more. Along with the stunning and classic factory Colors of Bolero Red with White pearl interior, the entire package is nothing short of outstanding. This is a Los Angeles built car which has the L in the serial number and no build sheet was found inside the car, however it has been since discovered that the trim tag of a true SS427 has a special code which designates the rare option, code "4D". The car also retains its original numbers matching engine code for a 427ci 385hp SS427 with a TH400. There are also important structural elements incorporated ONLY into an SS427 convertible not used on any other Impalas. This SS427 has been inspected and certified by Tom Dietz, noted Impala expert and historian. It also has two affidavits: One from the most recent owner and one from the private detective verifying the cars authenticity as well as a certificate of authenticity from Nickey Chicago, Inc. #111860.

1956 Dodge Job Rated Pickup
1956 Dodge Job Rated Pickup
Frame - Off restoration!

This pickup is a dream come true. Since I first saw it as a child, have been in love with it. According to the owner this classic car had a rough history, but after few days of tinkering we got it to work. The overall repairs took a mere 3 years! Fortunately the pickup was all in one piece, nobody tried fixing it. With an enourmous amount a work on every kind of plate imaginable, replacement of some parts was unavoidable. But it was a labor of love and I hope to find a good loving home for this vintage pickup.

1971 Chevrolet El Camino
1971 Chevrolet El Camino SS 454 cui
Frame - Off restoration!

The El Camino originated in Australia in the 1930ís. Ford Australia was the first to build this classic car in 1934. Its purpose was was to carry fodder for the livestock while being usable it for more formal occasions like driving to church. being an instant hit in its native country this vintage car was quickly adopted in America under the name Ranchero. As an answer to this Chevy did not hesitate to manufacture the El Camino two years later in the U.S. In its first year the El Camino sold 8000 more cars than its competitor. this success story was the reason the El Camino production outlasted the Ranchero by 8 years. This third generation model is the last one to havethe top line 454 SS engine, with 450 horsepower 650N and the outstanding TH400 turbo hydramatic transmission. Its top speed is 169 km/h that enabled it ti make a quarter mile in just 13 seconds. This was an unprecedented record among platform trucks of the time. I have now resurrected a part of automoble history with this old timer. This is an original 454 SS El Camino completely updated. Includes every luxurious option imaginable, from power steering, servo disc brakes, cruise control, air conditioning, power windows and individual seats. The engine block and diferential gear has been fully upgraded the later even got a new rim clamp. The paintjob is as unique as the vintage car itself. While I was taking the car apart for repairs I found a document by Oklahoma rsident Dave Evans about the carís renewal. This old timer would make an excellent addition to any muscle car collection.

Upon your request We arrange the FIVA†internationalqualification of the†automobile.

1965 Ford Mustang
1965 Ford Mustang 289 cui

This classic car was intended as a fatherís gift to his daughter who has since than backed out of the deal, and now the car is up for sale. It has a new paintjob and polishing, new chromed rims, and tires with new chrome accessories and a well cared for running gear. No rust whatsoever, clean enginebay free from oil stains. The vintage carís color is very eye-catching and the engine has a very distinct roar that will surely be turning heads. This vintage car is recommended for the real gearhead.

1968 Ford Mustang
1968 Ford Mustang 302 cui

This classic Mustang is from California where it was originally registered. There is some minor oxidation on the body surface, but it is entirely rust free. Repairs have began on this vintage car in its native U.S. so it has a lot of new parts including: upholstery, dashboard, sterring wheel, tires and mudflaps and it has a new paintjob and the engine has been fixed up too. This is a great buy for anyone who does not want spend money on additional repairs.

1967 Ford Mustang
1967 Ford Mustang 289 cui Unique
Full Frame Restoration

This classic automobile has one of the most interesting history in my collection of vintage cars. Iím its 3rd owner since 1967. All of its papers are in order. It was uilt custom in San Jose on June 9 1967 and delivered an June 17th in Sacramento at Harrold Ford. The car has the original license plates for proof. Except for the replacement of the fog lamps by its second owner, the car had not been modified in any way since its creation. The repair receipts show that its 4 speed automatic transmission and the engine has been repaired. But the car was sparsely used anyway. It has 67000 miles in it. Under the original aluminum rims it has front disc brakes. The front seats are deluxe edition which have a red safety warning light. The right head light frame and mudflaps have been replaced due to a small accident. All windows are original. The climate control looks and works just like brand new. The condenser hoses and the compressor have been reset to original factory settings. The black vinyl hood is original, however the inside metal frame has been replaced. This classic car has been in restoration for a few years. The paintjob matches the factory color code that I had had made in the U.S. and now itís ready to roll out on the street again with an appreaciative owner.

Upon your request We arrange the FIVA†internationalqualification of the†automobile.

1967 Ford Mustang
1967 Ford Mustang 289 cui

I found this classic car by accident at an auction specializing in damaged cars. The interior is in perfect condition. On the outside the right rear mudflap is damaged. The base plate is in mint condition with the factory chassis potection still intact. This all option vintage mustangís body is lowered by factory design compared to some other 1967 models. It has front disc brakes with servo assisted brakes, power steering and an almost freezing air conditioner. The front seats are deluxe edition bench seats with a safety belt warning red light. A premium quality stereo has been installed that you will not be compelled to turn own instead of listening to the rumbling of the exhaust system.

1968 Chrysler Newport
1968 Chrysler Newport Coupe 383 cui
Frame - Off restoration!

In 1941 this oldtimer was a pace car at the Indianapolis 500. When it was introduced to the public as an independent brand it was an instant success. At the time it sold for $ 2964. Sadly the Newport was somewhat responsible for pushing the DeSoto out of production. The 290 horsepower c 383 cui V8 engine is propelled by a 3 speed torqueflite transmission onto the asphalt. Originally this classic car came in a dark green exterior and interior with power steering, servo brakes, air conditioning with 2 doors and a hardtop. For the repairs I deviated from the original color with a black paintjob and bone white and white leather interior.

Upon your request We arrange the FIVA†internationalqualification of the†automobile.

1948 DeSoto
1948 Desoto S-11 Limousine Fluid Drive
Frame - Off restoration!

This classic autmobile was named after the spanish explorer Hernand de Soto, and was manufactured as an intependent brand between 1928-1961 as part of the Chrysler Corporation. In 1961 Chrysler introduced the better price valued Newport which pushed the De Soto out of the market. This 8 seater De
Soto is a true rarity, since only 5197 were ever made in 1948. This model has 112 horsepowers, 3900 cm3 six in-linecylinder engine, weighing at 1803 kg. In its own time had a pricetag of $ 2631.
Finding and manufacturing missing parts for the complete restoration took us nearly 4 years.
During this time we strived to preserve the vehicle's factory look and achieve impeccable overall quality.
The original inner rubber doormats were badly damaged, they are also very rare, so we've decided to custom manufacture those also.
The final product is a very convincing factory made looking doormat. You can have a look at them in our photo gallery on our website.
Chrome plating the zinc-alloy parts, especially the grills was quite a challenge, but we have managed to create flawless results even at close inspection.
The cooling system was so worn out that we had to completely replace its interior, paying close attention not lose its factory look and features.
We've spent a long time on body ironing in order to minimize the use of putty before applying the paintwork.
You can see the amount of putty we used on the photos taken before the paintjob. It's a very small amount considering the vehicle body's overall size.
We believe excessive use of putty will damage the esthetic look of the body in the longrun.

Some technical information:
All of the electrical wires are newly manufactured. The generator, starter unit, carburetor, heater, cooler, engine, transmission, balance gear,
cardan axle, steering wheel, steering gear and steering column have all been renewed.
Two spotlamps and two foglamps have also been added, along with Fulton brand visors.
Before the refurnishig the upholstery, almost all the seat mechanisms broke from old age, so a lot of restoration work had to been done it.
Including spring replacememts, chrome plating chipped surfaces, cleaning and repainting damaged wooden surfaces.
The roof interior, the cabin floor and the inside of the doors have all received sound and heat insulation before laying down the interior upholstery.
Instrument panels have been refitted and galvanized. And the dashboards wood-grain panels have also been restored.
All in all, the vehicle has been fully renewed without having to compromise anything.
This car is recommended for serious old timer collectors.

1968 Ford Mustang Convertible
1968 Ford Mustang Convertible 289 cui
Full Frame Restoration

Most American classic car fanís heart will beat faster at the sight of this vintage convertible. This car is undeniably a cult classic. As it is not seen on the photos, this vehicle is in need of a major overhaul. Repairs can be made big or small by me at the request of the buyer or it can be bought as is. Repair work can be a great investment especially, if the car is for rental puroses or other thing such a filmmaking. As seen on the photo this classic car has been fully repaired and has been sold to another satisfied customer.

1965 Ford Galaxie 500 xl Convertible
1965 Ford Galaxie 500 xl Convertible 390 cui

This classic convertible with a 6400 cm3 V8 four-barrel carburetter, four-speed transmission was custom made on april 7th in 1965 for a Washington D. C. resident. It has a dark turqoise exterior and a medium to light turqouise interior and door carpet. The seats and doorís interior have new white leather covers. This vintage car is a fixerupper. All engine parts are original. the roof is also in working condition. The wheel wells and a door boards need fixing and there is some rust. The old timer car comes with a special and rare continental kit that can be optionally fitted. There are also many new spare parts for this car such as gastank, convertible top, rubber beadings, gutters, front and rear bumpers, 4 safety belts etc. The vintage automobile is registered, cleared with all its papers in order. The engine does not smoke or burn oil. The trasmission is unusually smooth a for a Ford which are known to have rough transmissions. None of the vital parts need any special attention or fixing. The running gear runs silently power-steering can be turned with one finger. The brakes are all new everything from the brakes slave-cylinder through the brake tubes to the brake master cylinder have been replaced with new parts. While this is a convertible it has enough room to comfortably carrry a bicycle in itís trunk. The exterior is very simple in design without much decorative elements which makes this classic car all the more attractive.

1965 Ford Mustang
1965 Ford Mustang 289 cui
This old timer has been upgraded in the most detailed ways possible. Dozens of photos are available of the most hidden places of the car including under the door carpet, gastank etc. Many parts have been replaced such as rubber beadings water gutters, chrome parts such as interior door handles, window winders, rearview mirrors, gearstick, rims with new tires, new dashboard, indicators and a new wooden steering wheel has also been added. The base plate has been replaced at both the driver and passanger side, the flat springs have been repaired as well as the engine and waterpump. An Edelbrock intake duct and an Edelbrock four-barrel-carburetter has been installed with leveling 6 cm range raising/lowering shock absorbers. This vintage car has a light green metallic finish that is very close to its factory color. There is no rust or putty work on the body. The entire brake and running gear has been renewed and upgraded, galvanized, polished and been given new metal and rubber hoses. A new booster brake and brake-master-cylinder has been installed for a more comfortable driving experince. The double rear exhaust is typical of the V8 engines.

1974 Chevrolet Corvette
1974 Stingray Chevrolet Corvette Convertible 350 cui

The vehicle was once sold and restored to the client's needs. It was also Oldtimer certified. Five years and several thousand kilometers later, it was put up for sale again, and we purchased the car back.
After its arrival from the US the vehicle received a thorough restoration. The then new owner has driven the car in all weather conditions for six years
before he sold it back to us. There was coniderable wear and tear on the vehicle,
so once again we have performed a new and even more substantial restoration work than before.

Along many things, we have restored the whole brake, running gear, cooling, heating, electrical and air-conditioning systems.
The chassis has been completely cleaned, base coated and repainted.
All the screws, consoles, suspension arms, flat and spiral springs, cardan axle, steering connectors have been newly galvanized.
All damaged chrome parts have been re-plated. All of the body parts have been cleaned down to the fiber glass so that all cracks, scrapes and surface damages
can be refilled and repaired with new fiber glass. With this work done we were able to minimize the use of putty.
The vehicle also received sound and heat insulations, new floor upholstery and a three point safety belt, which is rare in this model.
The canvas top and its roof frame have all been renewed.
The engine received a new Edelbrock brand air-supply line with a matching Edelbrock carburetor and electric starter.
The steering column, instrument boards and center console have been furnshed with leather.
Along with the complete restoration of the car seats, light and sound seat alert sensors have also been repaired.
This vehicle is fully ready to receive its new owner.
Now we are performing some more, minor restorations again and it will be available in June 2014.

1973 Ford Ltd Brougham 400 cui
1973 Ford Ltd Brougham 400 cui

1965 Ford Thunderbird Convertible
1965 Ford Thunderbird Convertible 390 cui

Of this old timer can be measured on a scale of 10 it would get a perfect score. The 4th generation thunderbird may be the most eyepleasing vintage car in its league. With its ergonomic interior and exterior design this car was truly ahead of its time. The high performance 390 big block with its unique exhaust system is unmatched. Very comfortable and easy to drive. The dashboard is a work of art in itself. This vintage car is suitable for everyday use and is a luxurious and exciting work of engineering.

1961 Lincoln Continental Convertible
1963 Lincoln Continental Convertible

This 4th generation vintage Lincoln was manufactured between 1961-1969. It was also John F. Kennedyís car. The special edition Kennedy limousine was in fact named after him for this reason. The presidential carís codename was SS-100X. Interestingly, this is one of the most sought after classic cars, since very few 4th generation models were sold in 1963. Beacuse if its rarity, you can truly feel like a president in this Lincoln. Only 31.233 open sedans were sold in 1963. So this oldtimer is a real survivor. The new paintwork and polishing has been done to match the original factory color, and the interior upholstery has been renewed. The car was built and used in California until I bought it. There is no rust in the car including the base plate. The roof seals prefectly with no leaks. The condition of the chromed surfaces can be seen on the photos. The car stereo is not the original, but it has been upgraded with the utmost care and attention to detail.

1972 Lincoln Mark IV
1972 Lincoln Mark IV 460 cui

Is under renovation
Expected to be ready by July/August

The 1974 Mark IV. is probably the most beautiful classic car of the 5th generation Continentals. It was registered and used in California, has no history of collisions, all in all a very new looking car. No putty work, no rust has ever met this vintage vehicle. The interior carpet and seats are original and have been kept very clean over the years. It has had a new polishing, new tires, frontal disc brakes, axle box, ball bearings, brake pads are also all brand new. All electricals, stereo and speakers work great. The engine bay received a full and the interior a partial upgrade. There is a new leather dashboard, brakes, running gear and steering wheel that make this a great vintage car for everyday use. A unique feature of this old timer is the huge sliding roof that seals perfect and does not let a drop of rain in. All of the papers are in order for registration and it will easily pass all reliability tests. It has manual air conditioning, automatic transmission, leather interior, power windows front and rear. Power sliding roof and mirrors adjustable power steering, cruise control with wooden paneling inside.

1972 Chevrolet Camaro
1972 Chevrolet Camaro 350 cui

This classic Camaro is still under repairs. Runs in beautiful straight line, all the electrical and power steering is in great condition, disc brakes have real intensity they donít pull the car to either side. Heating works great, the wheel aligment is straight as an arrow, this old timer attaches itself to the asphalt with fury. The engine is well balanced, does not smoke or burn oil. If your thing is rubber screeching start or just a comfortable drive, this well balanced vintage is for you. The entire vehicle is rust free since it was only used in suny California. I recommend this car to owners, who fully understand what it takes to rebuild an old timer.