1948 Desoto S-11 Limousine Fluid Drive 73.000-€ FOR SALE
1948 Desoto S-11 Limousine Fluid Drive1948 Desoto S-11 Limousine Fluid Drive1948 Desoto S-11 Limousine Fluid Drive1948 Desoto S-11 Limousine Fluid Drive1948 Desoto S-11 Limousine Fluid Drive1948 Desoto S-11 Limousine Fluid Drive

This classic autmobile was named after the spanish explorer Hernand de Soto, and was manufactured as an intependent brand between 1928-1961 as part of the Chrysler Corporation. In 1961 Chrysler introduced the better price valued Newport which pushed the De Soto out of the market. This 8 seater De
Soto is a true rarity, since only 5197 were ever made in 1948. This model has 112 horsepowers, 3900 cm3 six in-linecylinder engine, weighing at 1803 kg. In its own time had a pricetag of $ 2631.
Finding and manufacturing missing parts for the complete restoration took us nearly 4 years.
During this time we strived to preserve the vehicle's factory look and achieve impeccable overall quality.
The original inner rubber doormats were badly damaged, they are also very rare, so we've decided to custom manufacture those also.
The final product is a very convincing factory made looking doormat. You can have a look at them in our photo gallery on our website.
Chrome plating the zinc-alloy parts, especially the grills was quite a challenge, but we have managed to create flawless results even at close inspection.
The cooling system was so worn out that we had to completely replace its interior, paying close attention not lose its factory look and features.
We've spent a long time on body ironing in order to minimize the use of putty before applying the paintwork.
You can see the amount of putty we used on the photos taken before the paintjob. It's a very small amount considering the vehicle body's overall size.
We believe excessive use of putty will damage the esthetic look of the body in the longrun.

Some technical information:
All of the electrical wires are newly manufactured. The generator, starter unit, carburetor, heater, cooler, engine, transmission, balance gear,
cardan axle, steering wheel, steering gear and steering column have all been renewed.
Two spotlamps and two foglamps have also been added, along with Fulton brand visors.
Before the refurnishig the upholstery, almost all the seat mechanisms broke from old age, so a lot of restoration work had to been done it.
Including spring replacememts, chrome plating chipped surfaces, cleaning and repainting damaged wooden surfaces.
The roof interior, the cabin floor and the inside of the doors have all received sound and heat insulation before laying down the interior upholstery.
Instrument panels have been refitted and galvanized. And the dashboards wood-grain panels have also been restored.
All in all, the vehicle has been fully renewed without having to compromise anything.
This car is recommended for serious old timer collectors.

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