Dodge Ram 2500 Laramie Heavy Duty SOLD
Dodge Ram 2500 Laramie Heavy DutyDodge Ram 2500 Laramie Heavy DutyDodge Ram 2500 Laramie Heavy DutyDodge Ram 2500 Laramie Heavy DutyDodge Ram 2500 Laramie Heavy DutyDodge Ram 2500 Laramie Heavy Duty

The car has been newly registered with 0km in Hungary, tested for 6 people. It was made for an individual order in sport design, which also means blasting the front and rear bumper and the cooling mask. It has all the extras you could ask for in the new age of the car: in addition to the Laremie equipment, which includes motorized adjustable heated velor embroidered seats, the Infinity sound system and a computer integrated into the roof trim. A DVD player monitor is factory installed on the front seat headrests, which I later replaced with a Sony brand so they can be used with game consoles.

The steering wheel controlled navigation head unit is also included as a factory extras, which works perfectly with the entire European map. There are a total of 4 monitors in the car: Two in the headrests,  one that can be fixed on the passenger side, and one that is both a rear view-rear view camera and a DVD monitor. The factory platform liner with the DODGE emblem was also available as an optional extra. It is made in Heavy Duty design, which means for example 7 cm of a factory made lift, and reinforced front-rear axle and differential. It also has a  differential lock which is electrically switchable in two stages. A LEER branded (that is the best quality manufacturer), colorblown platform cover body structure with tinted openable side windows could be also ordered to the car. The car is licensed to carry 6 people with a B license. The vehicle is in perfect technical and aesthetic condition. It has received a complete technical and aesthetic automatic transmission upgrade without compromise. At this point a hydraulic conversion kit and a pressure control valve were installed, which, like the steering gear, was released by the manufacturer as a modification to the car's transmission. This makes shifting up and down faster and more accurate. The car's transmission has also been completely refurbished at the same time as the gearbox in terms of both technical and aesthetic content.

On the 190 cm long platform 2 EUR standard pallet fits comfortably. The Cummins diesel engine is the world's most reliable diesel engine when maintained and serviced with factory parts and oil, so it goes 1 million kilometers without any problems. Series 6-cylinder 5.9L 24V 325LE and at 1600 rpm it has a torque of 830Nm. Officially, according to factory data, it can tow 8100 kg and carry 1600 kg, so it can move almost 10 tons. It has always been serviced with factory-made Cummins engine oil and original Chrysler (Mopar) filters, even now these are in the car which has just been changed. A few thousand kilometers ago he got over a complete technical renovation. Literally, all the worn parts have been replaced with factory Mopar parts. All ball heads, 4 dampers, all brake discs and brake pads, all blushes, dust cover rubber bells, steering linkage shock absorber, all cardan shafts, automatic transmission oil and filter, both differentials oil, half shafts have been pulled out, their ends have been surface treated, bearings and seals have been changed, etc.

I replaced the factory-installed lower-quality steering gear with a factory-fitted but redesigned and refurbished, reinforced steering gear that was issued by Chrysler in 2008 after many complaints about the original lower-quality steering gear.

At the same time, the steering linkage together with the ball heads has been replaced with a new design that fits the reinforced steering.
The front and rear axles, stub axles, brake calipers, front coil springs, rear leaf springs, towbar bracket, transfer case, all cardan shafts have been galvanized and polished after cleaning to pure metal.

The same is true for all chassis parts, the rear bumper, all screws and brackets.

For even more efficient cooling (which would only occur in extreme heat and towing conditions) an extra cooling fan is installed in front of the air conditioning radiator so that in these extreme cases the standard-quality cabin cooling is not lost. Along with this, the viscous clutch and full control, belt, water pump, and generator have been replaced of course with genuine Chrysler parts, the water cooler removed and cleaned.

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